Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Wanna play boardgames tonight?"

That's exactly what made my weekend. The sheer desperation of 9 med students with nothing to do on a Saturday night...the thought of playing boardgames seemed rather appealing. In the cold of the night, Nadia, Bal, Dhivyan and I walked the 15 minutes to Carlton House, Grafton (one of the other uni accomodations close to med school where most of the Imu-ers stay) where the others - Kit Chung, Kim Zhuan, Subha, Gayatri & Kevin, were.

And the games began! Game rather..cos what started out as scepticism about the new game we were being introduced to playing - Shadows Over Camelot, soon turned to obsession as the night wore on and we started honing in on the game. Being quite an avid fan of your typical boardgames such as Monopoly or Risk, this was the first game I've played where everyone had to work together and collectively win the game. Pretty interesting eh?
[In the above pic: Bal, Nadia & I]

It took a while for some of us to shed our inborn desire to gain sole victory haha but before we knew it we were hooked! We kept at it for 5 hours straight...and pretty soon it was 3am. Not your typical Saturday night but everyone there that night would agree, a truly satisfactory one none the less :p.
[the pic to the right is of Kit-chung (with his 'hyperthyroid' eyes) and Subha (NOT Shubha hehe she'll get this)]

And here is a picture of moi because as we got better at the game, one player was dealt the 'traitor' card and this person's mission was to secretly foul everyone elses plans and ensure that they didn't win the game..and guess who was the best traitor of the night? HAHA
Now everyone's talking of how they should watch out for me...Umm guys, it's just a game??

P.S. Thinking at the end of the night that I'd played enough boardgames to last me a looong time, we ended up spending our Sunday playing Risk! Haha goes to show you can never underestimate the extent of boredom.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A song for you


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Brooke Fraser - "Shadowfeet"
~ NZ's very own
This is a beautiful song.
For the people out there who need some hope in their lives.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

What I've been up to the last 4 months...

Sure enough when I was home...there was no blogging whatsover hehe Sorry? I spent a good 3 months back home, from early Dec till the end of Feb : *BLISS*, during which I frequented between Singapore and KL, as well as making trips to Ipoh, Batu Gajah and Kelantan (yup definitely lots of time spent on the road). Here's just a few things that I was up to:
1. Spending time at home with papa, mama & rez was great
2. Scounting around and trying out new eating places (several times over ;p) with Fariz
3. Watching rm6 movies!
4. OOO shopping!
5. Got a new haircut (with a fringe that was pretty awkward at the beginning haha)
6. Woohoo getting to drive around (and sometimes being 'chauffeured' around hehe)
7. Spent Raya Haji with family & relatives at Batu Gajah
8. Girly time with Her, Aznin
9. Guy time with Fariz & the guys bowling, mamaking & hartamas squaring
10. Travelled to Kelantan with the whole family for cousin's engagement (30+ people staying in one house was eventful!)
11. Helped Roz plan for her big day =)
12. Underwent culinary training with mama (of which i remember more the taste of the food rather than how to cook it)
I'll let the pictures do the talking:

However, I didn't get to meet up with my IMU friends and Premi! =(
(Sorry girls! But I'll be back in MAY! hehe)

In my next post I'll fill you guys in on what I've been up to since being back in Auckland...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Leavin on a jet plane

Hey peeps,
I'm FINALLY heading back home *grin* Will be back in KL/Singapore till the end of Jan...so I will have to apologise beforehand for the (lack of) posts that are to come hehe. Ya all take care yea?

Kawan2 di Msia (& Singapore) - I'll be seeing you all soon!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Let the EXAMS begin!

Just when everyone's packed up and about left...we trailing 4th yr Auckland Uni Medics are (finally) starting exams. After a restless night of non-sleep, taking an exam wasn't exactly high on my list of 'things-to-do'. Also considering the last major exam I sat for was when I was still at IMU (around July last yr), that + my night of non-sleep is not exactly how I'd wanna start this morning of all mornings.

And so us IH (international hse) ppl - Bal, Yewin & I, started our dreaded walk before the hour of 9, to Grafton campus for our exam venue. Cos not only did we have an exam to sit for at 915, but that our exam venue was not to be released till the morning itself. Chronic right? It wasn't such a big thing considering there are only so many lecture halls they can fit 160+ students into. But still chronic right? Something about bomb-threat scares or something. Do any of you guys experience the same thing at your unis? Cos I'm finding it quite the funny actually ;).

A stress-reliever presented itself in the form of Nadia this morning before the exam when she ran up to me exclaiming, "SAL, we're wearing the same top!" And sure enuf we were =). What a strange coincidence since we both got the tops from Msia and prob ages ago...HAHA. No, this is not where i insert a pic of us wearing the exact same top ;).

Getting to the point *drum roll* the exam was pretty ok =). A few past year q's here and there, and plus out Psych lecturer (for god knows what reason) decided to officially release the topics that were to be questioned for Psych in the exam just yesterday - good on him, and even better for us, considering the Psych section contributes the most marks *grin*. Other than the Opthalmology section (which i totally bombed btw), the exam was pretty good. *BIG sigh of relief*

Having been cooped up in my room for far too many days, it was nice to eat lunch out with my friends after. Even before our orders arrive, Nadia asks "Sal...what are you doing after?" "I was thinking of sleeping. Why?" "We were thinking of playing monopoly..." she said with a grin on her face. Since I'm the one who owns the monopoly board, you get the picture.

It felt just like old (non-exam stress) times, when Nadia, Eugene, Azri, Khairi and I would spend a lazy afternoon battling it out on the monopoly board =). A good end to a pretty good day.

Tomorrow is the 24th hee hee

Monday, October 30, 2006

Celebrating Raya in Auckland

I know Raya was a week ago and this is probably more than way overdue but what the heck:

maaf zahir & batin
I have been MIA for quite some time now and that I do apologise. Having realised that time management isn't one of my strong points, it all starts to make sense hehe. With exams round the corner and my surgical run taking up my everyday...not much room to even breathe haha but that didn't mean that I couldn't enjoy Raya ;).
One good thing abt being busy tho was that fasting month went by oh-so-quick (besides the fact that I almost fainted in the operating theatre once..and I felt like sleeping 24/7 hehe). We budak2 melayu did manage to meet up a few times tho to buka together-gether:
~ Potluck buka puasa at Azri & Khairi's place over the weekend. Khairi ajar buat ondei2, wah best dapat makan kuih Msia hehe.

[(L-R): Ain, Azri, Khairi, Me, Fizah & Nadia]

~ Majlis berbuka puasa held by the Msian students society here - even more kuih Msia! Yum yum hehe and Msian food on top of that: ayam percik, rojak...hmmm nope, not missing Msia at all ;).

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Everyone loves weekends

Last weekend was extra special as the biggest event of the year at IH (International House) took place on Saturday night - International Night! Preparations began 2 mths prior, with the residents of IH forming groups according to their countries/cultures and set to the task of a performance as well as a 'culinary cuisine' to be prepared by each group.

We Msians were semangat of course..wanting to perform 3 dances and cook 2 dishes! What better way to encompass the Msian culture than by performing Chinese, Malay AND Indian dances (that was also the only way we could involve the 20+ Msians we have at IH hehe since the typical 'Dikir Barat' had already been performed last yr). Being the only Malay girl no guesses for what dance I was put into ;). I did however volunteer to cook something up - ayam masak merah to be exact (mama's recipe hehe) and Han, the sole Bruneian here (who is our honourary Msian), had his recipe for longan in lychee agar agar with coconut jelly...hmm yum.
We would all look forward to nights when we had 'dance practice'...a provided excuse to get thro the day. Believe me, those were definitely nights of goofing around and mimicking each others dances, with the songs to the dance playing in our heads the entire next day. It gave us all the chance to bond hehe and by the time the 'Night' came...we were ready!

The morning of 'the Night' I spent with my helpers (thanks Chris, Micheal & Ivan) in the dining hall kitchen whipping up the ayam masak merah. Woah, never have I been in a 'professional' kitchen before...you should see the size of the cooker I used! Wait a min..I'll put a pic up hehe. Will you take a look at the size of that thing! Sudahlah we had to cook for 160+ people who live at IH hehe ;). Like the hairnet look on me? HAHA please don't answer that. (that's Elton - our chef, in the background).

And now on to the actual Night!

International Night was considered a 'formal dinner' occasion, so everyone was all dressed up =). Here are some of my fav pics:

[With my 'go-for-meals' buddy ~ Lin Hui]

[The dashing men - (L-R):Alex, Yewin, Khan, Anil, Tung, SJ, Ivan, Junway, Foong & Meng]

[And the lovely ladies (L-R): Michelle, PohHwa, Moi, HsinYee, LinHui, Christine & YenYi]

[Me & my dessert hehe]

[Uda & the girls]

[LinHui & Uda]

[Yewin & the girls]

[Our Malay Dance]

And finally, the video of our performances...this is my first video on my blog so be patient with me ppl, it's a tad long n semi-clear hehe but still enjoy!